Art & Design, MBO niveau 3 en 4

Do you like being creative and are you drawing all time? Are you passionate about creating and designing? Then this might be the right MBO education for you.

Graphic designer & Signmaker

During this education you will learn to become a professional graphic designer and signmaker. From designing logos and branding materials to crafting captivating advertisements and digital graphics that you print on t-shirt, glaze on pottery or create for websites etc. You will also learn to master designing software. We will follow trends and technologies. Use different innovative machines like laserprinters and ceramic-printers. But also learn to design as sustainable as possible and think about the footprint that we leave behind.


The duration of this education will take 3 to 4 years. Besides all the designing subjects you will also have subjects like ‘Rekenen, Nederlands, Engels, Papiamento en Loopbaan & burgerschap’. After this education you will be able to continue a HBO opleiding in the Netherlands or start your working career.

After your education

This career spans across industries, offering endless opportunities to work on diverse projects. Whether it’s designing for advertising agencies, tech companies or freelance clients. It is more than just making things look good – it’s about communicating messages effectively. Through your designs, you have the power to inspire, inform, and influence audiences, leaving a lasting impact on the world around you.

Design Academy Aruba is international orientated. We believe that this has a possitive influence on your education. We work together with the creative community and believe that teamwork, creativity and sharing knowledge will bring us new knowledge and wisdom.

Join the community

If you become a student you will start joining a vibrant community of fellow creatives who share a passion for design. We inspire and learn from each other. We are very welcome to exchange students, internships, schools and professionals who are open to collaborate. The creative art industry is always moving and we believe that we will never stop learning.

Entree requirements

Design Academy Aruba can only accommodate a certain number of students and will conduct their own selection processes to decide which students to admit. More information on the selection processes you will find here.

Tuition fees and other costs

The cost of the education are split in different sections. We try to keep the costs as low as possible. We would like all talented students of Aruba to be able to attend. Read further for more information.

Information events

Would you like to receive more information? Or do you have questions?

Please come to our information event on the 17th of April or 22th of June at 7pm, Openbare Avondleergangen Aruba, Pitastraat, Oranjestad (EPB Oranjestad).

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