We combine beautiful graphics with sustainable productdesign.

Ceramics & Industry

A broad category of different clay tipes made by shaping and then firing to achieve a hardened, durable, and often decorative product.

Our ceramic designs range from simple clay pottery to advanced technical ceramics used in engineering applications.

Sustainable Design

Sustainable design, also known as eco-friendly or green design, refers to the practice of creating products, buildings, environments, and systems that minimize negative environmental impacts while promoting social and economic sustainability.

Design aim is to meet the needs of the present, without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.

Learn more about sustainability on Aruba and why this is important?

Lasercutting & CNC

We us a high-powered lasercutter as a manufacturing process for interior design, signing, jewellery design and other creative productdesign.

The laser cuts out and engraves materials into precise shapes and designs of our design.

Special printing

From plotting flexfoils, creating transfers for magnets to printing glaze coats for ceramics. We love to explore new techniques and materials.

These techniques bring our graphic designs to life and lift regular products to a whole new designing category.

Graphic Design

Graphic design is a creative process that involves visual communication and problem-solving using typography, imagery, color, and layout techniques.

We create visual concepts to convey ideas, messages, or information in a visually compelling and effective manner. We use wide range of applications, including illustrating t-shirt, branding, packaging, publication design, designing printable souvenirs, and more.